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Your Hair - DVD

Your Hair DVD

33 DVD chapters and more than
2 hours of instructions and tips.


Dolby Digital Stereo 2.0
Running Time: 2 Hrs 17 Mins
flipped and flirty


Your Hair - Give Yourself The Star Treatment
Charles Dujic and Mitch Stone


The first Hair DVD that has it all.

Two of the world’s top hair stylists have created a complete DVD guide to styling and hair care. Now you can get your dream hair, no matter what your hair type is. In easy to follow step-by-step exercises, Charles Dujic and Mitch Stone show you how to get the most out of your rollers, your curling iron, flat iron and blow dryer.  Whether you’re going for sleek sophistication, playful bounce or short and sporty, you’ll find the tips you need to get fabulous results. There’s inside information about the hottest new styles, such as tousled waves. You’ll learn what lengths and textures bring out the best in your face and hair type. You decide what works for you. You’ll also see which curling irons the pros prefer, how to use them or when to use rollers instead. Make the most of your money with buying tips on shampoo, conditioner and thickener. The methods are shown in great detail so you can follow all the steps in real time.

You’ll get fabulous results with this DVD because it shows you in great detail how the pros create sexy looks. Learn how to straighten your hair, get flirty flips and add curls that really make waves. Get rid of frizz, roll out luscious volume and choose the right new color for you.

Hair stylists Charles Dujic and Mitch Stone don’t endorse any products; their focus is on you! You decide what works best for you. They offer tips to help you choose the best look for your face and hair type.




HAIR STYLING - For straight hair: volumize | sexy curls | flipped | sleek | quick waves.
For wavy hair: add curls| tousled waves. For curly hair: define curls | tame frizz | straighten

STYLING TOOLS -Flat iron / curling iron / blow dryer. Blow dry tips. How to set rollers for volume.
How to set rollers for sexy curls.

LOOKS - Hair extensions (complete demonstration) | 5 looks in 5 minutes | casual updos

HAIR CARE - Products for your hair - buying tips|shampoo and conditioner | shampoo tips for frizzy or thick hair | dry shampoo - it’s an option | conditioner - how to apply dry your hair - best ways | scalp and hair - keep it healthy | your hair in different climates

EXTRAS - Coloring - how to choose a color | how to do it yourself.
Face shapes: what hair style fits my face

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Your Hair + Your Make Up


CHARLES DUJIC is especially recognized for his expertise in celebrity hair styling (Cate Blanchett, Rosario Dawson, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Sela Ward, Tara Reid, Amy Grant), advertising (Guess, Gap, Mercedes, Levi’s Mossimo and BMW), and fashion editorial across the globe (Australian Vogue, Spanish Vogue, Mademoiselle, Elle Germany, L’Uomo Vogue, and Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition). Prior to his current career, Charles modeled internationally for ten years in print, on the runway and in commercials. His expertise in front of the camera gave him an edge that enabled him to thrive behind the scenes. Yet Charles is also a fully licensed hairdresser, with extensive salon experience in all areas of his craft. He taught continuing education in hair artistry to his peers required for a license renewal and received awards and recognition nationally at hairdressing competitions.

MITCH STONE has worked in New York with some of the world's leading photographers, such as Albert Watson, Arthur Elgort, and Peter Arnell. He also worked on advertising campaigns for Pantene, Victoria’s Secret, Redken and many more. Since moving back to his native California,Mitch has been working with celebrity clients, such as Kim Basinger, Kristen Davis, Brooke Shields, Minnie Driver, and Kyra Sedgwick to name a few. His work has been featured in numerous publications including Elle, Vogue, Vanity Fair, InStyle, Rolling Stone, and Town and Country. He’s worked with Kim Basinger, Jim Carrey, and Helena Bonham Carter for films and worked with the cast of Friends and Teri Hatcher for TV. Mitch now joins an elite group of hair stylists, having received Academy Award recognition for his hair designs on the movie "Lemony Snicket".

tame frizz
How to use blow dryer
hair coloring


Customer Reviews:

it works!!

Really good information with the "what to do to achieve this or that effect," "how to do it" and "why is it done this way" all clearly explained and demonstrated. Each hair challenge is indexed separately for quick reference. The best part is the tricks of the trade and expert opinions that the Celeb Hair Stylists disclose that achieve the Hollywood looks.

I have thick straight long hair and decided to implement the hot roller tips from Charles Dujic. I loved the result and took a photo to use on my marketing pieces, one of which is a monthly newsletter I have been sending to all my clients for the past several years. I was so amazed when no less than 5 of my clients took the time out of their busy day to call me to tell me how great my new hair style looked! Thank YOU Charles!!!

Kimberly E Priebe (San Diego, CA) - July 14, 2006

Boy, did I need help with my hair

I was really surprised how useful this DVD is! Not all the tips were right for my hair type, but the ones that were made a huge difference. Definitely worth the money, I feel like I can style my hair like they do in my salon. I've already gotten compliments at the office. And the hairstylists they used are so cute!

Doll Mom (Lake Forest, CA) - June 25, 2006
Really, Really Good.
Covers everything to make my hair more attractive. The format is well presented and understandable and in addition, the "inside" information appears to be real and easy to apply.
I found exactly what I was looking for here and I'm glad I bought it.

Deborah Stone - June 26, 2006

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