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Laura & Nicole
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Train Your Dog - DVD

Winner of Telly® Award

Save hundreds of dollars in trainer fees.


Train Your Dog - The Positive Gentle Method
Nicole Wilde and Laura Bourhenne

Entirely based on POSITIVE, GENTLE techniques,
"TRAIN YOUR DOG" reveals many of the best-kept secrets for training dog obedience and much more. You never believed in physical punishment and neither do we. Learn how easy it is to have your dog listen yo you, rather than obey you out of fear. Take full advantage of click-and-play DVD menus. Click on any training exercise, watch how the pros do it, then practice yourself.

Let two top Los Angeles trainers guide you step by step, through simple, gentle techniques that produce amazing results. You'll learn the secrets of dog training without ever laying a hand on your DOG. Master the magic of clicker training, used for movie animals. Learn how easy it is to shape dog behavior. Discover easy fixes for common behavior problems and much, much more! This DVD makes dog training easy.

Your DOG will learn all basic and other essential commands. Over 90 minutes of exercises and valuable tips, featuring 20 different DOG breeds. Watch true progression in real time. Now there is a better way to have that special bond you always wanted with your DOG.

Using our professionally proven training techniques you can have an obedient, enthusiastic and loving best friend who's always happy to please you!




BASIC COMMANDS - Sit! Down! Stay! Come! Heel!

- Leave It! Give! Wait! Gentle! Touch! Go To Bed!

BEHAVIOR ISSUES - Housetraining - Potty Training - Door Behavior - Crate Training
Ring Bell - Nipping - Jumping Up ... and more

BONUS MATERIALS - Clicker Training - Play Toys - Training Treats -
Leadership - Car Safety - Rewards & Consequences - Intteractive Food Toys - A Day at the Park


Quicktime Clips Dolby Digital 2.0 Color: NTSC
92 Mins.
List $19.95
Instructional DVD

Review from "YOUR DOG" Magazine (PDF)


Nicole Wilde is a Certified Pet Dog Trainer who specializes in behavior issues. She is the recipient of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers’ prestigious Ian Dunbar Member of the Year Award for 2006, and a popular speaker at the organization’s national and international conferences. She is also an instructor and on the advisory board for the Companion Animal Sciences Institute, the educational branch for the International Institute for Applied Companion Animal Behavior.

Nicole is an internationally recognized author and lecturer. Her six canine-related books include So You Want to be a Dog Trainer and Help for Your Fearful Dog. She writes training and behavior articles for various publications, including an ongoing training column for Modern Dog Magazine. Nicole has an extensive background in working with wolves and wolfdog mixes, as well as shelter dogs and client’s dogs. She runs Gentle Guidance Dog Training in southern California. Go to Nicole's website at .

Laura Bourhenne is a dog trainer with a degree in Exotic Animal Training. She is one of the most sought after trainers in Hollywood. She has given training seminars to different groups around the country and has also worked with numerous rescue organizations doing temperament evaluations and helping to place dogs in new homes. Laura is striving to enrich the lives of pets by training and educating the people they live with. Her goal is to have pets be treated as a member of the family.

Laura is working with an organization called Pals2Pets in an effort to bring compassion for animals to the children of today. Their goal is to decrease the incidence of abuse and violence in our society, and that starts with the children.

Laura has owned her own training company since 1989 and has appeared on Animal Planet as well as having been quoted in numerous books and articles. You can find out more about Laura & her training methods at .



Leave It!



Customer Reviews:


I have a 5 year old Shetland Sheepdog who is already trained, but I still learned things to teach him in this great DVD.
Very professionally put together, this DVD is one of the best out there to show you how to train your dog with your brains, not brawn. The DVD menus are very cute, and the music that accompanies them makes you feel like you're about to embark on an exciting adventure.
Nicole and Laura make the learning and teaching process fun for even the most inexperienced dog owner. Their laid back speaking style and easy-going manner makes listening to their instruction enjoyable.
I really like how they explain how the treats should and shouldn't be used- so you don't end up with a dog who will only work when treats are around! They stress that using positive reinforcement does not mean being permissive; your dog most certainly won't walk all over you if you train using their methods.
Nicole and Laura's instruction of all the basic commands is excellent. Also, the 'sit' and 'down' segments are done with different doggie challenges- such as how to 'down' a short dog, or how to work with getting a puppy to sit.
Every dog owner should see this DVD, if only to teach your dog more than just how to 'sit', 'down', 'come', and 'stay'. I was plesantly surprised to find so many 'bonus' commands that you don't normally find in training DVD's, like ringing the bell to go outside, how to take treats gently, among others. 'Go to Bed!' is one of my favorites.
And if you have a "Home Alone" dog, Nicole and Laura even go over how to keep them happy and safe while you're away. :)
Highly recommended for all levels of dog owner!

Christine Lee

My husband and I recently adopted a five year old terrier because our ten-year-old son wanted a dog. I didn't want to start with a puppy, but I was also a little worried that Pepper might be too old to train. While online we found the Train Your Dog DVD. The attractive packaging caught my eye (my husband, the graphic artist, liked it too) as well as how much info it contained (at a very reasonable price) so we ordered it. I can't say enough good things about this DVD. First of all it's organized so that you can begin with basic commands like Sit, Down and Come. Each skill is a separate button to click, so you can easily watch a single command over and over as many times as needed. The trainers are great, these women explain things very clearly and their upbeat personalities seem to put the dogs at ease. They are also fun to watch since they work with a variety of breeds, and my son was very excited to try it all out. With our help, so far he has taught Pepper Sit, Down, Stay (at least a short one so far) and we're working on Come and also Leave It, since Pepper wants to grab just about everything in the house. I thought at first we would need to hire a trainer but after looking through this DVD I really think we can handle it on our own. We had looked around at other DVDs and tapes but this one is really clear, straightforward and has all the essentials plus a lot of bonus materials. If you're looking for an easy, inexpensive way to train your dog, get this DVD, you won't be sorry.

Gina Terrele

I am an aspiring dog trainer, so I have seen MANY videos and DVDs. I have read many books on the subject of dog training as well. I have read many of Nicole Wilde's books in particular(which, by the way,I really benefitted from) and that is what prompted me to purchase this DVD (because she is one of the trainers featured in it). Nicole is a well known Certified Pet Dog Trainer and Author (well known amongst many professional dog trainers all over the USA)and she has become a favorite of mine! This DVD is great! It is so well organized and it makes training so EASY. You don't have to watch a whole DVD in one sitting. Instead, browse the menu for the behavior you want to train your dog... then select it with your remote control. Watch it with your dog and then practice it (Viewing and practicing one command might take you 20 minutes or so). It is broken up into many sections to make training EASY, EFFECTIVE (as far as results AND time)...more so than ANY training video I've ever seen! Using the techniques that Laura and Nicole demonstrate for you will build a loving bond with your dog AND your dog will think learning is fun... which, I believe, is the very BEST part of this type of training! You won't regret purchasing this DVD! I think your dog will thank you too!



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