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American Journey - Vol. 2
Dreaming Nevada
MusicScenic DVD - Filmed in HIGH DEFINITION - Presented in Widescreen
Dreaming Nevada DVD

Dreaming Nevada transports the viewer into a world of spectacular vistas of extraordinary beauty. Feel the adrenaline rush of helicopter flight over LAS VEGAS at night. Fly over and drive across RED ROCK CANYON and the VALLEY OF FIRE. See HOOVER DAM and LAKE MEAD from the air and from the ground. Experience a virtual automobile ride along the Las Vegas Strip.

Music and visual movement come together in their purest form, creating a visual symphony of musical themes and perpetual motion.

When you take a Music Scenic ride, you choose the music that suits your mood. This DVD offers two Music Selections in Dolby Digital™ 5.1 Surround Sound:




The music selections are two complete movies, presenting the viewer with two distinct visual interpretations of a scenic ride through very different styles of music. The New Age music is contemporary instrumental with ethereal vocals. The Movie Score Orchestral soundtrack features a full orchestra with suspenseful, dramatic, sweeping and celebratory as well as playful and warm themes.

Filmed in High Definition in 2004, this widescreen presentation was exclusively produced for DVD. All menus are DVD Motion Menus. Bonus Features include two Vegas clips “Tribute to the Chairman” and a “Map Movie", juxtaposing animated maps with clips from the presentation. The viewer can trace the journey of the filmmakers and see where every sequence was filmed. Also included is a slideshow about the history of places visited.
Winner of the 2005 Telly™ Award in Special Interest DVD

New Age Music - Red Rock Canyon - Las Vegas - Valley of Fire - Hoover Dam - Lake Mead
Lake Las Vegas - Mt. Charleston

Movie Score Orchestral Music - Red Rock Canyon - Las Vegas - Valley of Fire - Hoover Dam
Lake Mead - Lake Las Vegas - Mt. Charleston - Credits

Extras - Map Movie (Follow our Journey) - Tribute to the Chairman! - Slideshow (Places and their History)

Dreaming Nevada

Dolby Digital Surround 5.1
Running Time: 53 Mins
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Arizona + Nevada
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Quicktime Clips
Vegas Night
Las Vegas at night
Valley of Fire
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Quicktime Clips  
Stratosphere Tower
Valley of Fire incline
Hoover Dam

Customer Reviews

I expected another come-on travelogue, and was I surprised to discover Nevada through the eyes of an artist and poet. To me this DVD is a tone poem wrapped around high-impact visuals. I have played the soundtrack sans the visuals a number of times and, amazingly, it stands on its own like a CD I bought at Tower Records. The next time I go to Vegas I plan to play the soundtrack on my car stereo while I drive to Red Rock Canyon and Valley of Fire. Sweeping across Nevada on the wings of this DVD makes it l'aventure extrordinaire. I can't recommend it highly enough and I can't wait to "sweep" across other states!!!
I.D. Kafaloff - Sherman Oaks, CA (August 26, 2004
A smooth and beautiful glide through Southern Nevada. I've only been to Nevada to gamble, but this rich visual journey takes in all the picturesque sights that I've only seen on postcards. It's a very relaxing DVD that takes you through the natural landscapes of The Valley of Fire and Red Rock Canyon to the fantasies of the Las Vegas Strip.
P Martin - Santa Monica, CA (August 28, 2004)
Its a pretty cool DVD showing the arial view of Nevada to great music
Steven F Zampella - New York (September 10, 2005)
Vegas at night
Valley of Fire
Hoover Dam
HD DVD dreaming Arizona HD DVD Dreaming Arizona DVD